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Totally awesome steampunk inspired cat tunnel system!




Brooks’ initial reaction to the animation [Top] was “This is shit.” Afterwards the room almost cleared.

Brooks may be a good writer, but he knows fuck all about good animation.

That and Fox keeps on milking the withered, dried up, slowly and painfully dying cash cow.

haha, oh, remember the time when the movie was announced and for a blissful moment we all thought they’d give it the budget it deserved and animate it up properly, and every single fan who has nostalgia for this show would’ve paid to go see it?

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Michael Kerbow

"My work explores the way in which we engage with our surroundings and the possible consequences our actions have upon the world in which we live. Through my work I attempt to question the rationale of our choices, and try to reveal the dichotomy that may exist between what we desire and what we manifest.  Recently my work has focused upon the mechanisms that power our society and examines how they may influence the construct for a possible future."

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